3 websites for the price of 1

Why you should investigate having 3 websites for the price of 1

It may seem like a marketing ploy or maybe you might think you would be diluting your online presence. In reality it’s the opposite and here are the reasons why you should consider this approach when thinking of building a website.

Reason 1

Focused search intent
Search intent is the reason why you type a particular query into a search engine. You are wanting to do your research before making a purchase decision. Having a website that focuses completely upon a search intent makes it more visible to search engines and in turn your target audience.

Reason 2

Crosslinking websites
Having more than 1 website allows crosslinking to create links between different websites.  The purpose is to provide users with easy navigation between related content and to establish connections between different pieces of information. Crosslinking helps search engines understand the relationship between different pages, encouraging potentially higher search rankings.

Reason 3

Clear and precise, one purpose websites allow users to achieve their goal quickly without distraction or confusion. For example a dedicated support website with technical assistance allows users to get straight to the information or support they require.

The question is do you pay thousands for 1 website with everything in it or for separate use, individually focused websites?

I know what I would do.

3 websites for the price of 1

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